Artist Statement

I am a contemporary figurative painter, predominantly using oil as my chosen medium also experimenting with mixed media techniques. My practice delves into the relationship of the human form in various settings or narratives. Using bold coloured backgrounds to make the figures breathe feely and play in the negative space. The use of bright yet muted colours alongside each other creates a dissociation in the painting and creates a narrative for the viewer to look further into the painting. The painting’s survive amongst self – expression, identity and the unrealistic space.

Personal aspects are fuelled into my practice, using online images and personal archives to create a narrative using paint and mark making techniques.  The process of juxtaposing such images before starting a painting is crucial in my practice and the drawings that aspire from the imagery. Drawing is a crucial element in my making process of starting a painting, allowing me to incorporate energetic and gestural mark making which feeds itself into the painting unknowingly.

Creating such negative space in the painting’s allows space for the audience to question the paintings and find the narrative through the series of work. The series of works hold an element of surprise to the viewer with the limitation of the unconscious mind playing a key role through the work.

The feeling’s I endure when starting and creating a series of work evolve from nostalgia, where it be with the use of form or subject or the colour palette, which creates key points in my making process and in the finished painting. My painting’s evoke a historical and contemporary approach such as the images I am using and creating are apparent through history but my approach with paint is contemporary. Fascinated by the story of the ‘Pierrot’ which has influenced my body of work and how the characters and forms connect themselves within the painting to create a narrative within themselves and the viewer

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